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ABOUT Objective-x

Objective-X organises and runs trips for adventure seekers to places all around the world. We run Rock Climbing & Mountaineering, Trekking, Ice Climbing and Survival Training. 

We also run Group Wellbeing courses for businesses, school groups and sports teams.


Founded by Chris Andrews in 2011, Objective-X is a team of highly capable individuals, who have been brought together over the years because of their complimentary skills and experience. From deserts, jungles, mountains and the seas there isn't much of this world that the team haven't been to.


Get in touch with Objective-X to see where your next adventure will take you. 

Chris Andrews - Climbing in the Dolomites

What we offer:


Objective-X offers adventures all around the world, but a good starting point to see what suits your taste is here. You can always come to us with your dream adventure, and we'll make it happen. 

The seasons affect what is possible, so take a look at the dates which best suit your adventure. Hit the button to find out more about each adventure.


Rock Climbing and Mountaineering 

Book Between: August 1 - September 25

In the Italian Dolomites

An absolutely brilliant place for adventures! The huge rock walls will make you feel like a hero out here. For beginners and experts alike.

1:2 ratio


£220 p.p.d


group wellbeing - UK

Book Between: All year

A variety of group adventures

Led by Team Objective-X and designed around your team and their needs. We deliver carefully thought out feedback .


Group bookings only

Objective-X Rock Climbing Courses

Rock Climbing Courses

Book Between: April 1 - August 28

Rock Climbing

From beginner to advanced courses with a fully qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor who can teach you everything you need to know.


£180 p.d 


Multi Day Trekking in Norway

Book Between: September 25 - October 31

Jotenheim National Park

Can be traversed by foot, staying in tents and huts. Get away from everything for a while as you travel through amazing terrain.

1:8 ratio


Group bookings only

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Ice Climbing - Norway

Book Between: January 20 - February 28

Norwegian Ice Climbing

Learn to climb the most exciting of mediums - Frozen ice, and only minutes away from your cosy accommodation!


£200 p.p.d